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Why choose Topaz?

Hygiene, cleanliness and the best possible customer experience are our priorities at Topaz, so you'll find we're a little different to our competitors.

But here are a few other reasons we think choosing Topaz is the best choice you can make!

Firstly, we're so much more than a tanning salon! We also offer a gorgeous range of gifts and ladies clothing.  And with four independent beauty rooms within the salon, you can book directly with a beautician for your favourite pamper treatment.

Music while you tan!

Our sunbeds are the latest models with inbuilt Bluetooth so you can listen to your own music while you relax. Our laydowns have separate facial tanners that you can turn off if you prefer and all our beds have body and face fans. 

Laydown or stand up - it's your choice!

Do you like to laydown and have a 10 minute snooze, or stand up and relax while you tan?  At Topaz, it's your choice.  We have the latest, fast tanning stand up and lay down beds for you to choose from and all our sunbeds have their own rooms. 

Sunbed hygiene

We have strict hygiene procedures in the salon, including medical grade blue light air filters in every sunbed room and an air filtration system in the enclosed rooms.  Our sunbeds are cleaned after each customer.

Unlimited free parking

We have plenty of free parking right outside the salon

Customer convenience and comfort

To avoid having to wait around for a sunbed, we're a pre-booking only salon.  Using our easy online system, you can book appointments for up to 3 weeks ahead to fit around your busy work and home life.  And for extra convenience, you can choose from two salons in Ipswich - ourselves and Topaz Two on Landseer Road. 


For your comfort, we provide free deodorants in all the sunbed rooms, along with face wipes, tissue roll and hair bands

The best value for money tanning in Ipswich

We're proud to be the most cost effective tanning salon in Ipswich.  Our sunbeds are retubed under a maintenance contract so we don't hesitate to book the engineers more regularly than others might.  It means our tubes are always replaced well before the manufacturers recommended usage.  This ensures you always tan as quickly as possible with fewer minutes, thus saving you money - and time.


Sterile goggles are provided for each customer.  We were horrified to learn from our customers that it's normal practice in other salons to use the goggles that are left in the sunbeds all day.  What if the previous customer has used tingle cream?  Or worse, what if they have an eye infection?  You'll always be given fresh, sterilised goggles when you use our beds at Topaz - guaranteed!

The Topaz Team

Many of our team have been with us for years!  They get to know all our customers and offer a friendly, knowledgeable service.

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