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On the 8th Feb 2024, we moved over to a new booking system to improve the service we provide for you.  We never stand still in Topaz - we're always looking for ways to make things even more special for our customers.


Trust us when we say the new system will bring joy to the team (we won't go there though...yet). But it's not just the team who'll benefit from a more flexible and reliable system, our customers are going to notice a huge difference in the level of service we can now offer.


Here are a few of the new features we're especially pleased about for you..

  • Email reminders (yay... and another yay!)

  • Customer appointment history visible on your account

  • Easy to open more appointments in the diary when needed

  • Customers can buy minutes on the system and they're available immediately

  • Automatic emails for free birthday minutes

  • Automatic emails for free monthly minutes (VIP minutes)

  • Bespoke customer appointment times if you need a little extra time

  • New customers can register and book online...

The list goes on but we'll stop now as some of it will sound very boring. But it means everything will work better behind the scenes which in turn will save time and stress, and therefore improve customer service levels (even though we've always been pretty great..!)

The first time you book after the 9th of Feb 2024, you just need to click 'SIGN UP' 

Existing customers with minutes on their account with us don't need to click Register

  • Click 'Sign Up'

  • Enter the name and email address we have on file for you.  

  • Enter a password of your choice.  Your old PIN number will no longer be needed.

  • Any existing minutes will be on your account waiting for you!

Even if you were a customer before the changeover, if you didn't have any minutes on your account you'll need to Register

and accept the T&C's. We'll have access to details of your previous appointments, but sadly the new system won't recognise you as an existing customer with no credits on your account.   Don't worry, registration is very easy and quick!

Please register your details, agree to our T&C's and choose the 'New Customer, First Visit' appointment choice!

The appointment allows enough time for use to show you around, includes a sunbed and lotion and a discount voucher. 

More details of your first appointment here

Here's where new and existing customers can book sunbeds...

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