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At Topaz, we understand that achieving that flawless tan requires much more than just lying under any old sunbed!

That's why we go above and beyond to ensure that your tanning results are nothing short of exceptional.



HOTTEST TUBES IN IPSWICH with the extra benefit of collagen red tubes!

Did you know sunbed tubes lose their effectiveness over time? Not only that, not all sunbed tubes are equal to begin with!  We pride ourselves on only using the highest quality tubes and we invest in a maintenance contract specifically for retubing our sunbeds. While

other salons may hesitate to retube their beds due to the financial outlay, we’re able to change ours well before the manufacturer's recommended usage limit.  We've recently added a number of collagen red tubes to all the beds which help you tan quicker while offering the benefit of collagen tubes to improve your skin.

Regular retubing and the new collagen tubes means our beds give the best results and you receive the maximum tanning potential with every session at Topaz.


There may be cheaper tanning salons in town, but when it comes to value for your money, nobody beats our results!  Our retube policy means our beds are the best around and Topaz customers achieve quicker, longer-lasting results.

Best sunbed prices in Ipswich.  Tanning



Your course can be used here in Topaz on Garrick Way as well as Topaz Two on Landseer Road, giving you the flexibility of using the most convenient salon to you either at home or at work at any given time.


Offering the best results in Ipswich, with regular tanning & lotion deals, we provide the very best value for money in tanning. 

In addition, all new customers receive a discounted first appointment20% off your first bottle of lotion and a discount voucher for your first course.


As if all that's not enough, all customers who sign up for our emails receive six free minutes every month too!

Best sunbed prices in Ipswich.  Tanning.

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