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Free minutes every month Topaz.png

Stay on our email list and you'll receive free minutes every single month you tan with us!

Sounds good?  That's because it really is!

We call them VIP minutes (but you can just call them freebies).


You'll get a welcome email when you join Topaz.  There's an option (as legally required), to unsubscribe from receiving any more from us.  We understand why you'd click on it with anyone else, but stop and think before you do it with us! 


We don't bombard you (some months we don't send out a single email - oops), and we'd never give anyone else your details.  But what we do do (we checked twice, that really should say do do), is give you six free minutes every month for staying on there.

How you qualify for them...

You just need to enjoy a minimum of 18 (paid) minutes in a calendar month. Our system will do the sums at the end of each month (it's a very clever new system!) and if you've qualified, it'll email you to say you've got the free minutes available.  Just show the email when you come in and we'll add them on for you.  They're valid for 4 weeks from when we add them, after that they disappear off into the sunset without you.


1. You can only use a maximum of 6 free minutes in any visit.

2. We can't backdate free minutes (so if you don't come in to claim them within the month, they sail away without you).

Yes, there's more...

We're launching a new loyalty scheme in March 2024!  Can we tell you more about it right now?  Absolutely not!  Watch this space as they say.  

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