We're the only salon in Ipswich to have a leg tanner and what's more, it's FREE* for our customers to use throughout Winter!

The leg tanner is the perfect solution for those of us with legs that take longer to tan than the rest of our bodies.  As you can see on the video below, it's like a half sunbed that you stand in.  (No, we'd never seen one before either!)  Book it on the app as you do for your sunbed, book it just before or just after your main appointment.  Top tip is to wear a skirt so you'll just lift it up in the leg tanner - then there's no need to get undressed again!

*If you have a sunbed course with us, you can use the leg tanner for the same amount of minutes each time you use your course in the Winter  (up to a maximum of 21 minutes combined).  Most people will use 9 or 12 minutes on the sunbed and then top up 6 or 9 minutes on the leg tanner.  This special offer will be limited to 'fair use' on our 9 day, 14 day and monthly courses.

If you'd like to use the leg tanner without having a sunbed course with us, you can buy a course or do pay as you go in the salon.

Ever wondered why your legs can take longer to tan than anywhere else?  Think.... thicker skin, shaving (which takes a layer of skin off each time), tight clothes rubbing your skin and also legs being lily-white to start with if they're always covered up!

Watch a video of our leg tanner here!

Topaz Leg Tanner.jpg
Leg Tanner in Topaz.jpg
Leg Tanner in Topaz.jpg