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Thank you for visiting our donations page!

We're making up food & treat parcels to donate to local families who need a helping hand.  We're aiming for 30 parcels (we're up to 11 as on 7th Feb) but we'll keep going and make as many as we can.  We'll shop at a local greengrocer for the fruit and veg and Aldi, or similar, for the other purchases.  We'll look out for special offers to get the best value for money but we'll only shop once a week from one store to keep things simple and safe.

The parcels will be delivered to local schools for them to distribute to their families in need.  We have a school on board, but depending how many parcels we can make will depend if we reach out to another one or two schools.  Some parcels contain everything shown here, some are smaller to make collection easier for families with no cars.

To keep things as simple and safe as possible we're not accepting any individual physical items unless you're able to donate x30 of the same item in one delivery.  If any businesses would like to donate, please drop us a message.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Stay safe everyone  #bekind

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