Hygiene, cleanliness and the best possible customer experience are our priorities at Topaz, so you'll find we do things a little differently to our competitors...


We're following ALL government Covid 19 guidelines, including pre-bookings only so please book your sunbed here before coming to see us.  You don't need to have minutes on your account to book but you can buy them in advance here if you prefer.  


Five sunbeds to choose from!

We have five sunbeds (two stand ups, two laydowns and a leg tanner), so there's a bed for everyone!


Laydown or stand up - it's your choice!

Do you like to laydown and have a 10 minute snooze, or stand up and relax while you tan?  At Topaz, it's your choice.  We have the latest, fast tanning stand up and lay down beds for you to choose from and all our sunbeds have their own rooms. 


Sunbed hygiene

We have full Covid-19 safe hygiene procedures in the salon including medical grade blue light air filters in every sunbed room and an air filtration system in the enclosed rooms.



We're proud to be the most cost effective tanning salon in Ipswich.  Our tubes are always changed before the recommended usage is reached and this ensures you get the very best value for money and tan quickly.


Your minutes are safe!

Unlike most salons, your minutes are safe with Topaz. Our standard courses never expire so if you just want a few sunbeds before your holiday each year, you can buy a course and use them whenever you want to!  We also offer monthly and time limited courses, see here for full details.



Sterile goggles are provided for each customer.  We were horrified to learn from our customers that it's normal practice in other salons to use the goggles that are left in the sunbeds all day.  What if the previous customer has used tingle cream?  Or worse, what if they have an eye infection?  You'll always be given fresh, sterilised goggles when you use our beds at Topaz - guaranteed!


Music while you tan!

All our sunbeds have inbuilt music and also bluetooth so you can enjoy music while you tan! 

Responsible tanning

We promote the use of tanning beds in such a way that it maximises the health benefits (such as production of Vitamin D) and minimises the risks of over-use and burning.  All customers are required to complete a medical questionnaire and

our staff will provide advice on programmes tailored to individual skin types and tanning/medical history.  Please note that it is illegal for anyone under 18 to use a sunbed, and our staff may ask for identification to ensure legal compliance.


Find details of our sunbed prices here